Custom Decorative Mirror

The mirror is an essential element in our interior home. Of course in the bathroom to see how good you look. Or in the corridor to check if your hair is well before you go out the door. But even in other rooms, a mirror immediately creates a sense of space and transparency. Mirrors add a lot of atmosphere to your interior.

Mirrors come in a variety of geometric shapes. The geometric shapes used in mirrors mostly include shapes such as: circle, rhombus, oval, rectangle, square or a combination of these shapes.

Nowadays, geometric shapes, combined or repetitive, are widely used to make decorative mirrors or different kinds of mirrors for different usage for example Vanity Mirror, dressing table mirror, bathroom mirror, bedroom mirror, wall mirror, table mirror, gym mirror and…



Do you need a mirror cut to size?

At Glassma, we also customize mirrors that we offer in the following shades: light, gray, or bronze. We provide the mirror cut to size service and custom mirror installation service according to the latest designs and shapes available or according to the customer’s taste.

The materials we use have the highest quality. As we take care of the project from start to finish, you are assured of the first-class service. Our team can design any type of mirror, whether simple or complex, and we will always try to meet your needs. We’ll help you personalize where you spend the most time so you’ll enjoy staying longer.

Commercial Mirror

You will admire yourself in our large mirrored walls, that we promise. Not all mirrors are created of equal quality. We ensure that from cutting to shaping, we will use the best methods to send you a luxury product that you will not find anywhere else.

Residential Mirror

How Much Does It Cost To Install Mirrors?

The price of cutting glass and mirrors is not a fixed price and the price is estimated and determined based on the type of project.

Therefore, Glassma team, according to the customer’s needs and tastes, and based on the dimensions and method of cutting, estimates the exact price and announces it to the customer.

On the other hand, the experts of Glassma team have provided an opportunity for all applicants and customers to be informed of the most detailed information on price and quality of work.

Why custom mirror installation by Glassma?

Glassma Mirror and Glass Services, after years of gaining specialized experience, has been able to greatly increase the quality level of its products and services, this work process has resulted in complete customer satisfaction with our services.

GLASSMA offers a variety of elegant mirror styles, we always want our customers to be happy with their products. You can call our friendly staff. Or request your custom mirror quote online today!

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