Double pane window glass replacement

Double pane glass consists of two or more glasses that are placed parallel to each other. it is placed on a frame of aluminum profiles and fixed.

The main feature of this glass is its very high resistance to the penetration of noise as well as heat. In other words, double pane windows are suitable for sound and heat insulation.

One of the easiest activities to renovate buildings is to replace the single pane windows with double pane windows, which has the greatest impact without damage and in the shortest possible time.

In double pane glass, all measures of resistance to radiation and moisture and… are considered. For this reason, these glasses are resistant to weather conditions and retain their appearance.

Depending on the use and location of double glazed glass, it is possible to use a combination of different types of glass for double glazing: such as annealed glasstempered glass, laminated glass, etc.

note that

Replacing a broken glass may seem simple, but the slightest mistake can cause irreparable damage. Broken glass injury is far more than the injury of the sharpest knives on the market!

If you have a broken double pane window glass or you want to replace the single pane window glass with double pane window glass Glassma is ready to do it with the best quality for you in any area and at any time.

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