Glass Shower Doors For Your Future Bathroom

Glass Shower Doors For Your Future Bathroom

the implementation of a glass shower door is one of the uses of glass in creating the atmosphere of the indoor environment. The use of a glass shower door in the bathroom has become a common practice in home decoration, due to the extraordinary beauty and efficiency of it compared to other common materials.

The glass shower door is one of the modern ways to use empty spaces in the house. So, you can even have your own private bathroom in your bedroom or workroom. With a little creativity, you can design a glass shower enclosure to fit the decor of your desired location.

shower enclosure, in addition to being beautiful to the environment, can have many uses as a separation of shower space from other parts of the bathroom.

It has become one of the principles of interior decoration for luxury and modern homes. according to its benefits, it can be expected that most homes will use this structure in their bathroom in the future.

Glassma shower door is a brand due to its high diversity in a variety of models and quality. The tools used in the Glassma products are all stainless steel and have a useful life of many years.

What Is Shower Door Components

In this product, one or more suitable panels are installed on the shower, platform, edge, or floor of the bathroom; So that heat and steam as well as water do not escape from that space and do not penetrate outside.

This product consists of several components like:

  • Unbreakable glass usually tempered or safety glass
  • Waterproof and stainless frame
  • waterproof and stainless tools (wheels, handles, hinges, clamps, etc.)
  • aluminum or plastic strips

Different Types Of Shower Doors

Framed Shower Door

Framed model is one of the types of shower doors. These types are usually installed by rail and have frames. The frames in these types largely prevent the passage of water.

The framed shower door also has problems and disadvantages. Some factors such as humidity and temperature can change the appearance of the frame over time.

This can cause them not to close properly. Bacteria and Pollutants may collect in the corners or inside the frame. This makes it harder to clean these frames.

So, for resolving this problem you can install a frameless shower door type

frameless shower door

Frameless Shower Door

Frameless shower enclosure have a unique and beautiful appearance. These types require a stone platform for installation.

The number of hinges used in this model is large. This makes their final price high. These types are more resistant than other types.

The shower door produced by Glassma is in 3 models:

What Are The Benefits Of Using The Shower enclosure?

Glass shower enclosure has many advantages, including the following:

  • Easy bathroom cleaning
  • High safety
  • No penetration of water and humidity into other parts of the bathroom
  • Separate the shower area from other parts of the bathroom
  • Avoid wasting energy
  • Fast warming of the shower space
  • Optimal use of small spaces
  • Do not slip other parts of the bathroom

What Is The Material Of Glass Shower Door?

The shower door is made of safety glass such as Tempered glass. Tempered glass is more resistant to breakage than other glasses. So, it is used for shower doors because it has more strength and safety.

The tempered glass shower door has no cutting power if broken Because the glass breaks into small pieces with polished edges. the glass shower door is exposed to humidity, so Tempered glass should be used for more resistance.

The tempered glass shower door is not only highly resistant to humidity but also shock resistant. One of the points that should be paid much attention to when buying a glass shower enclosure is the use of safety glass.

What Is The Best Way To Install a Shower Door?

Shower door installation depends on various important factors such as the area of the bathroom. Shower door for large spaces are usually installed in a square or rectangular shape .

in small spaces shower door installation is a little different. Designing small spaces requires different ideas. it usually installed in the corner. Architects also use irregular geometric shapes to install a shower door.

Bathroom space plays a very important role in installing a shower door; But installing a shower door also depends on another factor, such as the style of bathroom decoration. In fact, the decoration and the equipment used in the bathroom determine the type of installation of the shower door.

One of the most important points about installing a shower door is to see a professional installer. The person who installs the shower door must have sufficient skills. When the glass installation is completed, the installer should check all the distances between the glass and the wall. This prevents water from entering the gaps.

Which Types Of Shower Doors Are Suitable For Our Bathroom?

In the first step, it is better to pay attention to the size of your bathroom. If it is small, use a round shower door type, and if it is large, use a rectangular shower door type. Therefore, the types of shower are prepared according to the size of the bathroom.

In the next step, you can use two types of sliding shower doors or hinged shower doors. You just have to pay attention that if you use a hinged type, you should have enough space.

When using a square and rectangular shower enclosure, you should be careful that using that at the farthest point from the bathroom door is more beautiful.

If you use round type, it is better to place it on the front door, which will give a more beautiful look to the bathroom.

Why Frameless Shower Door By Glassma?

GlassmaTeam has completed more than 500 frameless shower doors in the last year. We are All 5 star rated Glass company in google, and yelp. This means all customers had 100% satisfaction. From the first contact to completion our experienced shower door team will take care of you.

Now you can get a quote less than 24h just by emailing us a picture of your bathroom shower and some rough measurement and our team will take care of the rest. We will provide you a detailed 3d model of the frameless shower door plus all estimated costs.

“Glassma Shower Door Is The Choice Of The Best And We Want The Best For You.”

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