Hinged Frameless shower door

Frameless shower doors with hinged doors, are most popular type of shower doors used in new house. It can be a single door or in combination with fixed stationaryglass panels and make a shower door Enclosure.  

Benefits of Hinged shower doors

Hinged door systems are reliable and easy to work with. These type of glass doorsrequire least maintenance and care, and has a long life time. This will reduce possible costs for maintenance.  

Hinged glass doors are fit to many shower openings. This type of mechanism can be used for openings up to 36” glass door and in 72” opening double doors in combination. Most hinged doors have ability to swing 180 degrees in out or can be limited based on your needs.  

Low cost, simplest design of hinge shower doors includes two hinges and a door handle or knob. Less number of parts means less fabrication on the glass and that will result a low cost shower door.  

Most common type of hinges

Wall Mount Standard Hingeis the most used type hinge in frameless shower doors. This type hinge will mount the glass directly to a wall and provide strong support for glass to swing 180 degrees. There are verity of finishes and models of this type of hinges. The hinges come with Self-Centering Reversible 5 Degree Pivot Pinbut it can be adjustable in some models.  

Wall Mount Standard Hinge frameless shower door
Wall Mount Offset Hinge framless shower door

Wall Mount Offset Hinge, this type of hinges work similar to standard wall mount hinges, but with an advantage. Offset hinges have mounting screws only one side. This allows the glass to site ion the edge of the walland save ore space for inside of shower. 

Glass-to-Glass Standard Hinge, By hinging glass door on a fixed panel shower wall, the shower door can be placed where you need it to be. This type of hinge will be used when door can’t be hinged to the wall or customer prefer to enter to the shower from wall side. And it can be used in showers that entrance must be from the middle of shower. 

Glass-to-Glass Standard Hinge frameless shower door

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