Upgrade framed to Frameless Glass shower

Many home owners remodel the bathroom, and it is not hard choice to choose frameless shower doors over framed shower doors. Frameless shower doors look better and function better than framed shower doors. Modernism and simplicity of frameless shower doors change the way you use the shower and brings a peaceful atmosphere to your home. Where you can enjoy warm shower after a long work day, but not feeling surrounded by hard wall all around you.

Framed shower doors are mostly made of low quality material and thin glass. That the main reason framed shower door are cheaper vs frameless shower door. Which is built custom to your shower with high quality materials and thick glass.

Not always you need to remodel the whole bathroom to give it a modern look, just by upgrading a frameless shower door to a frameless shower door you can change your bathroom too a modern and functional bathroom. Ask us how! we can help.

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