Single pane glass repair

If you have issues with an old window with single pane glass our team is ready to help. Some homeowners love to keep the windows with original single pane glass, but over time as the glass ages, it cracks. There are many old homes all around Seattle, Tacoma, and Bellevue with single pane glass.

If you have a broken single pane glass we can help you with repairing single pane windows or replacing broken single pane glass.

Broken single pane glass replacement

There are still many houses with single-pane windows, and for so many reasons the glass breaks or cracks. If you are low in budget or like to keep your windows the way they are but with fixed glass. We have good news, there is no reason to be worried you have team Glassma.

Every year we replace many broken single pane glasses with a cut to size glass that fits and matches the windows.

Single pane glass repair by glassma

Reglazing single pane windows

Most single pane glass is hold in place with glazing putty and some are secured by wood trims. Over time rain and sunshine damage the glazing and wood trims. Homeowners need to understand the importance of reglazing and keeping the window in good shape. This would prevent the danger of glass falling out of the window frame and protect the window frame from water damage.

Painting wood frame windows prevents damage caused by weather but for glazing putty, it is not as effective. When you see glazing putty starts cracking, it is the sign for reglazing windows. if reglazing isn’t done on time, sashes get damaged by water and moisture passing through cracks in the putty. This matter deforms the wood and cracks the glass. So it is necessary to reglaze on time.

Single pane glass in doors

Like old wood or aluminum windows, there are many doors with single pane glass. By today’s national building codes, the glass used in glass doors must be safety glass (there are some exceptions).

some old doors are made using Annealed glass. If any of these glass barks or need to be replaced it must be upgraded to safety glass. Such as tempered glass or Laminated glass. Please check with your city as requirements may be different in your city. Or contact us to inspect your job.

Single pane glass in doors by glassma

Upgrade single pane to double pane glass

lots of homeowners are knowledgeable about the benefits of double pane glass. Noise cancellation, thermal insulation are the two most important benefits of double pane glass or insulated glass units. If you have a home with single pane glass windows, and you like to style of the windows.

But you are wondering If it is possible to upgrade the single pane glass to double pane glass. Well, the good news is “Yes, if there is enough space for the double glass to be placed and secured in the frame. you need a minimum of 9/16 of an inch in the frame.” But to make sure please contact us so we can inspect your windows to see if it is possible to upgrade to double pane glass.

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